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We've been working really hard in the background for almost 6 months now, and our new project (SanAndreas+) is coming along nicely!

SanAndreas+ is a massively ambitious project!

We plan to include the following :
  • Gameconfig
  • Heaplimitadjuster
  • Packfilelimit
  • Parked car spawning in specific locations
  • Custom pause map and mini map
  • Custom areas/agencies
  • Custom back up responses, as above
  • Custom patrols, as above
  • Custom vehicles and liveries for the agencies
  • Custom uniforms for the agencies
  • Custom stations for the agencies
  • Custom visualsettings file
  • Custom key bindings and ini files to ensure compatibility

And this is just the start!  So follow us here for more updates!


I cant wait im pumped

It sounds amazing!

Btw that is almost exactly how I set up my J+.


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