Rules and Guidelines

Forum Wide Guidelines

Our ultimate goal is to make SAModding friendly and inviting to everyone.  With that in mind, please adhere to the guidelines while using our community.

  • Minimal swearing is allowed, but cannot be abusive or used against another community member.
  • Absolutely no member bashing, even if the person isn't registered here.  Show everyone the same respect you'd want to get.
  • Do not leak mods or redistribute other people's mods unless you have explicit permission.
  • Try to stay on topic, and don't thread hijack.  (Thread hijacking is when you take over someone else's thread)
  • No self promotion aside from your signature.  (You may self promote your mods in Community Showcase.)
  • Don't spam.  It's good food, but makes for terrible forum content.
As an additional note, if you have any issues with staff, or you feel a moderation action was incorrect, PM Ezra Bridger.